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How to formulate research questions for your dissertation?

Mostly, if not all the time, working on a dissertation can be overwhelming for you. A dissertation requires extensive research and the formulation of research questions. After you formulate research questions, all the discussion is on answering those questions. The research you conduct, the methods you apply to analyse your data, and the findings of your dissertation all contribute to answering those questions. What if you do not know how to formulate research questions, like many other students? How can you answer them if you do not have them? In this scenario, there is a need to develop a guideline for formulating such questions. So, today’s article will serve as a guide to help you structure good questions. Hence, let’s start by describing the steps you need to consider. Formulation of research questions A good research question forms the backbone of good research. Formulating research questions is an essential thing as it leads to the methodology. However, many researchers do